On the afternoon of April 20, the green channel recruitment conference of the University of Toronto in Canada was successfully held. The admissions officers of the University of Toronto, Jiapu campus introduced the characteristics and selection criteria of the green channel project in detail. Students and parents also showed great enthusiasm for the project.

The University of Toronto is a famous public university in Canada. It was founded in 1827. It is one of the oldest universities in Canada. The times ranked 20th in the world and Canada ranked first in the medical blog category, enjoying a world-wide reputation. The school is located in Toronto, the most livable city in the world, with three campuses, St. George's College( St.George )Located in the center of Toronto, Scarborough is located in the city of Scarborough near Toronto, and Erindale is located in Mississauga. All three campuses have relatively complete discipline settings.

The green channel project is a cooperative project between the University of Toronto and more than 20 top high schools in China. Through this program, excellent high school graduates can directly enter the University of Toronto's Jiabao campus. The program consists of a 12 week undergraduate preparatory program and a four-year undergraduate program at the University of Toronto. Green channel has been successfully operated for 12 years, and the first to seventh green channel students have successfully graduated. Some of them have entered the world's first-class graduate school to continue their studies, and some of them have entered the work position. Because of their outstanding achievements and outstanding leadership ability, the green channel students have attracted the attention of the teachers and students of the University of Toronto. In 2013, Professor meric Gertler, President of the University of Toronto, visited the experimental middle school affiliated to Beijing Normal University, one of the earliest cooperative schools of the green channel project. He praised the green channel students for their rigorous learning attitude, excellent academic performance and outstanding leadership.

The University of Toronto carries out the green channel project in our university. Many admissions officers enter the university to select students. Those who pass the examination can directly enter into many learning areas without application and intermediary links